“…Carles Marín proved once more to be the outstanding pianist who performs, with mastery and no difficulty at all, his risky version of Rhapsody in Blue by Geshwin, a language we are not used to hearing from him…”

Newspaper EL MUNDO , December 2013.

“  «Fire» came in the hands of Carles Marín, celebrated pianist of vital and decisive performance”

ARN digital, Madrid, March 2014.

“…each display of virtuosity characterized by Carles Marín in Variations on a Theme of Paganini by Rachmaninov and the Totentanz by Liszt…”

Scherzo Magazine, January 2016

“… Another of the most significative moments of the programme of the 14th Rafael Orozco Festival was the electrifying version of Concert no.1 of Tchaikovsky with Carles Marín as a soloist…”

Scherzo Magazine, January 2016

“…The version of the Second of Rachmaninov counted with Carles Marín as a soloist, with a thorough mechanism and an already fully maturity in his performance…”

Newspaper LEVANTE, September 2014

“…Concert 17 is a work by a mature Mozart that requires elegance and excellent phrasing, values that the pianist Carles Marín, of a clear and refined articulation, undoubtedly posseses…”

Newspaper MEDITERRANEO, October 2013